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The Student Learning Center embodies the public commitment of access to education for our citizens. Since 1972, our services have been designed to make higher education accessible by providing students the insights they need to navigate their college environment successfully.

We believe that in addition to tutoring, study skills strategies and academic advising, our role is to aid students in gaining a deeper awareness of what helps them learn and succeed. In this role, we are available to all undergraduates at Appalachian through our tutoring and academic strategy instruction. Further, we provide holistic advising from orientation to graduation to the students who would most benefit from our services. We offer academic resources that will complement and enhance classroom experiences. In these ways, the Learning Assistance Program offers support to students to develop themselves in a comprehensive and sustainable manner.

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The Learning Assistance Program provides five core services. Two services, University Tutorial Services and Academic Strategy Instruction, are offered to all undergraduate students, and three services, ACCESS, Student Support Services, and Academic Services for Student Athletes, serve specific groups of students identified as needing comprehensive support. In Fall 2016, the ASU-R program will also join the Learning Assistance Program.  


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Brady Rourke, Executive Director, Learning Assistance Program


Wanda Hamilton, University Program Associate


Sheri Clawson Administrative Support Specialist 828-262-2134


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