Our Mission

The Learning Assistance Program fosters academic achievement by all Appalachian students. Through individual and small group  instruction, we help students develop integrative thinking skills, interdependence, and self-authorship so that they may become lifelong learners and contribute in a positive way to their communities and to this region. In particular, the Learning Assistance Program provides academic services to students who face unique challenges, such as student athletes, first-generation students, low- income students, non-traditional students and students with disabilities. In this way, this program brings to life this institution's commitment to diversity and access to education for underrepresented populations.

Student StudyingOur Services

  • The Learning Assistance Program (LAP) provides integrated services fostering the personal development and academic growth of general and specific student populations at Appalachian. Assisting students in achieving success academically and reaching their educational goals is our purpose and priority. 
  • Our various programs provide services to students which include tutoring in introductory level courses, Supplemental Instruction in partnership with certain sections of Biology and Chemistry, and learning skills courses and consultations.
  • Specific populations of students are provided a comprehensive system of support which may include academic advising, counseling, tutoring, mentoring, orientation, instruction, study skills and academic study halls to enable them to be successful in their academic work.

 Our Administrative Staff

Jean Roberts Staff Photo 2013

Jean Roberts, Executive Director, Learning Assistance Program


Wanda Hamilton, University Program Associate

Brenda Grubb, Administrative Support Specialist

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