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What Students Say About LEAD Tutoring

Attending LEAD sessions can help improve your grade and your study skills overall. But don't take our work for it. Here is what recent students have said about the benefits of going to LEAD Sessions:

Chemistry LEAD Tutoring

  • "It's a nice way to find out different ways of reviewing."
  • "It allows you to ask questions in smaller groups."
  • "LEAD is a chance to talk with other students and get more examples of problems and clues for the quizzes."
  • "The LEAD Tutor helps us with breaking down different problems."
  • "LEAD really helps!"
  • "LEAD provides great quizzes and reviews."
  • "The program encourages students to work with each other."
  • "The LEAD Tutor will go over what I need to go over."
  • "It's a good help to make sense out of a jam-packed, no comprehension day of chemistry."
  • "It's fun and learning at the same time."
  • "If there was not LEAD, I would not be filling out this form, because I wouldn't have made it this far in chemistry."
  • "I think the program is great. It is a wonderful asset to the chemistry program"
  • "Attending it regularly is very beneficial."
  • "If you get to a point where you're frustrated, you know you are not alone."
  • "It's a good way to study as a group, and get ideas from others."
  • "LEAD helped my grade."
  • "LEAD is guaranteed study time."
  • "LEAD is helpful and worth the time."
  • "The program is well planned."
  • "The review games and activities are helpful."
  • "The LEAD Tutor is eager to help."
  • "The LEAD Tutor is very good at making the material make sense, and gives us good strategies to study by."
  • "The small groups provide more one-on-one time. It isn't just biology; it's study techniques, too."
  • "Working together with fellow classmates and an organized tutor is a great resource on getting straight on facts that I am unsure about."
  • "I benefited from LEAD in this class and gained some great study skills that I can use in any field."
  • "A wonderful tool for any class that requires so much information to be known."
  • "I love the LEAD program. It really helps!"
  • "I think it is a good reinforcement to lab and lecture."
  • "I think LEAD is helpful especially the group collaboration and the quizzes that the leader gives."
  • "It's a wonderful tool to assist in the learning process. It clarified much of the material, and helped me focus on the subject."
  • "LEAD is a great addition to my regular studying. It helps you look at the material in different ways and give you other options instead of relying on only reading the book and studying your notes."
  • "The LEAD program has proven to be extremely helpful. It allows one to concentrate in a good learning environment and receive answers to questions that would normally never get the chance to be asked."
  • "The LEAD program is an excellent way to prepare yourself for tests or quizzes and make sure you know the material."
  • "The LEAD program is wonderful if it is used correctly. All the materials provided line up with class work. The sessions are offered three days out of the week, which is perfect because sometimes it is hard to attend all sessions."
  • "The LEAD program is, in my opinion, the best opportunity for students to get one on one instruction on problem areas in their particular course of study."