Tutoring and LEAD Tutor Student Employment

Student Employment

Interested in working as a Tutor or LEAD Tutor (formerly called Supplemental Instruction)? We offer training, flexible work schedules, and good pay. For more information, review the job descriptions below or contact the University Tutorial Services Director (Jessica Lorello, 828-262-6809).

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Online Tutor Application

Become a Tutor

Tutors must Possess:

  1. An overall GPA of 3.0 or above and at least a 3.0 GPA in the subject area tutored.
  2. Sophomore, junior or senior status preferred (exceptions are made on occasion to hire outstanding freshman who demonstrate maturity and have established a GPA here at Appalachian)
  3. Academic proficiency to tutor the specific course documented by approval from the Departmental Chairperson of the Academic Department in which the course is listed.  Typically, this requires having taken the specific course you plan to tutor and having made an A in the coursework.  Other factors may also be considered by the Chairperson in making this decision.  A letter for the Chairperson to sign indicating approval/denial for the recommendation is issued to tutor applicants along with the application.
  4. Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  5. The ability to participate in the Tutor Training Component in the manner agreed upon with the Coordinator ( a Training Agreement is a part of the application packet).
  6. The ability to provide three references who can substantiate the above qualities (other than friends or family members).

The Tutor Will:

  1. Assist students in learning and practicing the concepts necessary for success in a subject area, to assist students in bettering their learning skills (note-taking, organization of materials, and time management) and provide a forum for participatory learning (studying with a peer, group tutoring, question and answer sessions, and flash card exercises).
  2. Assist only those students referred through the tutorial office and only in the tutoring lab.  Tutors are not to complete class assignments for students or assume any responsibility for the completion of projects or in meeting coursework deadlines.
  3. Refer students to the Director of Tutoring if the client’s personal or academic needs are beyond the tutor's expertise.  The Director is always available to consult with tutors about working with tutees or specific concerns that may arise.
  4. Work the assigned hours per week unless making prior arrangements with the Director.
  5. Prepare for tutoring sessions by reading required material, planning questions, and providing structure for the time spent with students.
Become a LEAD Tutor

LEAD Tutor Qualifications:

  1. Junior or Senior class standing is preferred; second-semester Sophomore is usual minimum. (Underclass candidates must receive an outstanding recommendation from a faculty member in order to be considered for the position.)
  2. An overall GPA of 3.0 is required and 3.5 or above is preferred.
  3. An "A" or "B+" in the selected course is required.
  4. Completion of both parts of an introductory course is preferred: for example, both CHE 1101 & 1102 must be completed prior to becoming approved for CHE coursework in most cases. 
  5. Content competency (to be determined by the course professor and/or Academic Departmental Chairperson) is required.
  6. Good interpersonal and communication skills (to be determined by the hiring staff member) are required.

LEAD Tutor Job Description - Primary Activities

  1. Attend all class meetings of the selected course, and take notes (3 hours a week).
  2. Go over homework, read assigned materials including text(s) and supplemental readings, prepare worksheets and create plans for review sessions. (2 hours a week).
  3. Conduct three 50-minute study sessions per week (or 2 longer sessions)  throughout the term using strategies learned through the leader training meetings. (3 hours a week, depending on attendance) Sessions are scheduled based on class survey and LEAD tutor's personal schedule.
  4. Attend all leader training sessions and individual leader consultation meetings. Discuss observations of the LEAD sessions, the creation and use of LEAD session handouts, the planning of LEAD sessions & use of a wide variety of learning strategies. (1 hour every other week or so).
  5. Communicate frequently with course instructor.
  6. Encourage students to attend LEAD sessions, including introducing the LEAD opportunities during the first two weeks of class, and making periodic announcements throughout the semester.
  7. Provide extra LEAD sessions &/or marathon sessions as necessary (e.g., prior to exams).

LEAD Tutor Job Description - Maintenance Activities

  1. Complete necessary personnel paperwork, including monthly payroll.
  2. Attend LEAD tutor training workshops prior to the beginning of each term (2 half days, paid)
  3. Communicate in advance with the LEAD coordinator to select appropriate times and scheduling of LEAD sessions, including marathon or review sessions.
  4. Collect attendance data for every LEAD session & turn in to the LEAD coordinator in a timely manner.
  5. Maintain a professional attitude about matters such as class standards, grades, and student comments.
  6. Provide LEAD coordinator with an up-to-date schedule of your LEAD sessions, notify the coordinator in advance if you cannot conduct an LEAD session as scheduled, and keep LEAD coordinator informed if any problems arise.

Application Process

  1. Complete and submit the LEAD Tutor application and schedule for next semester.
  2. An interview with UTS Director or associated LEAD staff will be requested IF positions are available and your application and qualifications appear promising.
  3. For potential LEAD tutors turn in your schedule as soon as you can. You will be considered for possible placements with chemistry courses next semester. If a match seems likely, you will need to meet with the faculty member for approval.
  4. If you move forward for hiring, you will be asked to take an approval form to appropriate Academic Chairpersons and/or faculty members for assurance of academic competence to tutor the subject area. Potential LEAD tutors will meet with the Chemistry faculty person for discussion prior to hiring.