Academic and Personal Support

students with artbrushesThe ACCESS program recognizes the challenges and obstacles many college students face. Therefore, not only does the ACCESS program offer its students the opportunity to get a four-year university education at Appalachian debt-free, ACCESS also incorporates a comprehensive program of academic and personal support services to help our students adapt to their new campus life and reach their educational goals. 

In conjunction with other support areas of the University, ACCESS coordinates and provides an individualized academic support program for each student from acceptance through graduation. Services offered to all ACCESS students include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Orientation  All ACCESS students take part in orientation sessions led by our staff members which help our students get better acquainted with our program and Appalachian State as a whole.
  • Academic advising. Each ACCESS student is assigned an ACCESS advisor who will assist the student until he/she graduates from ASU.
  • Mentoring Program.  New students are paired with a graduate-level mentor for their first year at Appalachian State. The mentors help provide the students with academic help, career exploration assistance, emotional support and cultural experiences.
  • Workshops. Workshops offer our students the opportunity to increase their knowledge about such topics as: career development, community involvement, successful final exam strategies, financial aid, and study abroad options.
  • Support Services. Technology assessment, study skills courses, tutoring, early registration assistance, academic progress reports, and financial planning are just a few of the support services offered to ACCESS students.
  • Social EventsACCESS provides its students with the opportunity to attend social functions such as game night, study breaks, and popular university cultural events free of charge.

ACCESS is committed to helping our students succeed and get the most out of their time here at Appalachian State University. Our commitment is achieved by focusing primarily on the following four goals: Achieving Academic Success, Building Community, Exploring and Managing Life Beyond the Classroom, and Connecting with Appalachian State University.

Achieving Academic Success

Students will establish academic goals and identify and access resources to help them meet their goals. Students will expand the way in which they approach academic challenges and utilize their mentors and advisors as integral components of their success plan.

Building Community

Students will understand the value of compassion, awareness and acceptance of others in the community and will have the opportunity to create community with other ACCESS students.

Exploring and Managing Life Beyond the Classroom

Students will develop the skills needed for success in today’s ever-changing society, focusing on organizational skills, job-readiness skills and their own personal and professional growth and development.

Connecting with Appalachian State University

Students will explore activities and extra-curricular activities at the University, connecting with resources outside of ACCESS to provide a well rounded and balanced college experience.