What is ACCESS?

 Appalachian State University is committed to making higher education affordable for every North Carolina student and has developed the Appalachian Commitment to a College Education for Student Success (ACCESS) program as a method to insure that students from low-income families in North Carolina can attend Appalachian debt-free.

The ACCESS program offers such students a four-year university education at Appalachian debt-free. Specifically, the ACCESS program supplements federal financial aid grants, state financial aid grants and scholarships, and other forms of financial assistance with sufficient funds to cover the cost of institutional charges (tuition, fees, room, board) and, for those who qualify, an on-campus job for personal expenses for up to four years (eight semesters). Please visit Reducing Financial Barriers for more information about our financial assistance.

Along with the financial assistance for students, a comprehensive program of academic and personal support is a part of Appalachian’s ACCESS program. The Learning Assistance Program (LAP), the Office of Academic Support for ACCESS Students, and Student Support Services (SSS), in conjunction with other support areas of the University, will coordinate and provide an individualized support program for each ACCESS student.

To be considered for funding under the ACCESS Program, a student must:

  • Be admitted as a first-time freshman enrolled in a first undergraduate degree program
  • Be a North Carolina resident
  • Attend Appalachian State University as a full-time student
  • Meet an adjusted gross income for the prior tax year of or below 100% of the federal poverty guidelines
  • Demonstrate financial need under Federal Methodology (FM) resulting in an EFC of zero after Verification of the student's filing of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the current year
  •  Meet all eligibility criteria for federal student financial aid programs
  • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress as defined by the ASU Office of Student Financial Aid
  • Participate in the academic and personal support programs offered to ACCESS Students

To apply, please visit our Eligibility and Application page for more information. You may also find our Common Questions from Prospective Students page helpful.  Do not hesitate to Contact ACCESS Staff with questions!

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